2005 The Birth: Shenzhen VNETPHONE Technology Co., Ltd was founded in April 2005, aiming at the selling of internet communication products. We have the 1st series products–VOIP Phone, also built our brand–VNETPHONE.

2007 The Development: We started to expand the product categories, varying from mobile phone handset, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth helmet intercom, home products, to air purifiers. By this year, we were turning from single product trade to diversified product trade.

2010 The Peak: Tons of orders lead VNETPHONE to the mountain peak in 2010, the huge success should thanks to the accurate judgement of the market, the key-focus on customer’s requirements, and the high quality products and excellent customer service.

2015 The lost: To maximize the profit, we made the decision to build out own factory to produce products. However, as electronic products change rapidly day by day, we fell behind the market due to lacking experience of production and development. What’s worse, the overstocked inventory made a great loss! This bitter blow hit us hardly, for some time, we got lost, have no idea what we should do next.

2016 The Bounce Back: There is such a happiness–when you’re desperate to give up, someone encouraged you to preserve. It happened to have such a group of people who never give up in VNETPHONE! As we share the same faith and responsibility, the founder started a continuously study, comprehend, sum up and grow up, got out of the trough failure step by step. Gradually, we formed up a clear blueprint, and harvested allies with same ambition. In April 2016, Shenzhen EJEAS Technnology Co., Ltd was born, at that year, we built our own research and development team, sales team and production plant.

2017 Forge Ahead: In 2017, Shenzhen VNETPHONE Technology Co., Ltd was renamed as EJEAS Industrial. Without the 10-year-running VNETPHONE, EJEAS couldn’t be born. Inheriting the hardworking of VNETPHONE, the EJEAS team conquered 45 million sales in 2017. We firmly believe, in the future, the team would be more solid and more confident to meet any challenges.